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Kimberley Expedition Cruises

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The northwestern corner of Australia, the Kimberley is one the world’s last wild frontiers, containing everything from rugged mountain peaks to wide stretching savannah plains and everything in between. A region bifurcated by the wet and dry seasons on monsoon, the Kimberley is home to natural phenomena unlike anywhere else in the world.  Horizontal waterfalls, pockets of rainforest, pools of freshwater, chasms and canyons carved into vibrant red rock, and so much more to be discovered, all within a land area roughly 3 times that of England.

The natural inlets and bays of this region are home to countless species of wildlife and some the clearest waters to be seen anywhere in the world.  You’ll experience islands home to thousands of birds, waterfalls that reach dizzying heights, coral reefs full of sharks and dugongs, and rivers rich with crocodiles.  Whether you embark on one of our Zodiacs or wish to witness this vast coastline from the comfort of your balcony, you’ll encounter new sites and glorious vistas at every turn.  

Visit the towns of the Kimberley, like Broome and Wyndham, where the local hospitality and culture is sure to delight and inspire you to explore and indulge in every opportunity presented to you.  A rich plethora of cave art and artifacts from the Aboriginal people who have called this place home for thousands of years are yours to explore.  These ancient pictographs are upwards of 40,000 years old and beyond, telling us the stories and memories of those who came long before, untouched by the ravages of time.  



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